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bne’s input on the development of EU network codes

Consultation of the European Commission on the establishment of the annual priority lists for the development of network codes and guidelines for 2019 and beyond

According to Art. 6 (1) of the Electricity and the Gas Regulation, the EU Commission is required  to consult ACER, the ENTSOs and other relevant stakeholders on the establishment of the annual priority list identifying the areas to be included in the development of network codes.

With regard to current national implementation efforts, bne has identified a number of issues that need to be addressed for an efficient implementation of new flexible, digital and decentralized solutions. In addition, we suggest to quickly focusing on the development of new network codes based on the rules provided by the Clean Energy Package.

Especially, the development of network codes with regard to the operationalization of Art. 32 (incentives for the use of flexibility in distribution networks) and Art. 33 (Integration of electro-mobility into the electricity network) in the Recast electricity Directive will be of great importance for the implementation on national level. Art. 55 in the Recast electricity Regulation has been adjusted accordingly and provides for network code development based on Art. 55 (g), (h), (m) and (n). There is an urgent need to start this process as soon as possible since those topics are crucial for ensuring the success of the energy transition and achieving a fully decarbonized energy system.