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Our Member Committees

The work of bne in brief

As the voice of the new, competition-driven energy market, bne is in close dialogue with public authorities, ministries and parliaments at EU, federal and federal-state level. Clear positions are the basis for this work.

Together with our member companies, we develop bne's positions and ideas for the energy market of tomorrow. Our committees, i.e. steering committee, development and working committees, allow members to become directly involved in the positioning of bne and to exchange information with other stakeholders. Every vote counts at bne!

The topics addressed by the bne committees reflect current and future developments on the energy market: attractive framework conditions for new business models, proposed regulation and legislation projects, key public authority decisions or court rulings, relevant political, institutional or public debates along with administrative processes to further develop the rules of the market. External speakers are regularly invited to our committee meeting programme, bringing with them analyses and proposals for developing the market or presenting innovative business models.

bne's committee structure is centred around the cross-sector steering committee. As the supreme decision-making committee, the steering committee focuses on politically and strategically important topics from all areas and decides on the questions and proposals put forward by the subcommittees. The steering committee meets three to four times a year.

Eight subcommittees in total round off bne's committee structure. The development committees (EA) develop framework conditions for new business fields and future topics; the working committees (AA) draw up proposals and positions related to current topics and specific draft regulations. An overview of the committee topics:

  •   Working committee on electricity

European single market for electricity, balancing markets and ancillary services, electricity supply and trading, Germany's Renewable Energies Act and green electricity marketing, guarantees of origin, balancing group requirements and balancing energy, electricity grid regulation and electricity grid structures, EU Clean Energy Package

  •   Working committee on gas

European single market for gas, balancing market and products, gas supply and trading, gas network tariff structure, balancing requirements, gas security of supply and storage, grid regulation, grid structures and gas market territories, gas transport capacities, co-operation agreement, power-to-gas

  •   Development committee on flexibility and digital affairs

Digitisation and networking, metering, storage, demand-side management, new design and further development of levy and fee systems, electricity network tariff structure, aggregators, power-to-x, marketing of flexibility and flexibility at distribution grid level, EU Clean Energy Package

  •   Development committee on mobility

Market development, technical codes and standards, charging infrastructure for e-mobility, grid integration, metering solutions and billing models, distribution options and mobility tariffs, marketing of flexibility, calibration regulation

  •   Development committee on sector coupling heating

Design and configuration of sector coupling, further development of tax, levy and fee systems, including carbon pricing of energy sources, future scenarios for heating market, power-to-x and integration of renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy performance of buildings, EU Clean Energy Package

  •   Working committee on market communication

Design and configuration of market processes, operating principles, coordination and data communication protocols for the electricity and gas sector, focusing on all market roles

  •   Working committee on legal & contract matters

Detailed implementation of contracts based on member companies’ needs as well as the most recent legal standards and requirements set by the government and regulatory authorities  

The Working committee on energy services is still in its founding phase. The key issues on which the working committee will be focusing are currently being developed. If you are interested in the most recent state of play and would like to get involved, you are invited to get in touch with Arndt Börkey.

When it comes to special topics like excess/shortfall billing, we have set up Ad-hoc working committees while workshops with external experts are organised exclusively for our members to address specific topics.

As many topics and issues are closely interrelated and often there is a need to synchronize more far-flung topics, it will not always be possible to avoid the same or similar discussions of specific topics in several subcommittees and/or the Steering committee in parallel or repeatedly. However, we are putting great effort into an efficient management of the discussions. 

Not a member yet?

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