Annual general meeting
The annual general meeting (AGM) is bne's supreme decision-making body. The bne members meet at least once a year to make fundamental decisions. Association members submit their written proposals and applications to the Board for the AGM agenda no later than one week prior to the day on which the meeting is to take place.With a view to agenda items and applications which were not announced with the agenda voting is possible if and in as far as the majority of the members present consent to such procedure and acknowledge the urgency of the matter. 

The annual general meeting 2016

The Board of bne conducts the association's business on behalf of the annual general meeting. The Board comprises authorised representatives of bne member companies who are elected during the ordinary annual general meeting. The following members currently belong to the Board of bne: Chairman of the Board is Dr. Hans-Martin Huber-Ditzel (Enovos Deutschland SE) and Gero Lücking (LichtBlick SE) is Deputy Chairman. The other members are Eberhard Holstein (Grundgrün Energie GmbH), Dr. Holger Krawinkel (MVV Energie AG), Frank-Yves Le Vaillant (natGAS AG), Dieter Ploch (eprimo GmbH) and Timo Sillober (EnBW AG).
Left to right: Frank-Yves Le Vaillant (natGAS AG), Eberhard Holstein (Grundgrün Energie GmbH), Dr. Hans-Martin Huber-Ditzel (Enovos Deutschland SE), Gero Lücking (LichtBlick SE), Dieter Ploch (eprimo GmbH), Dr. Holger Krawinkel (MVV Energie AG), Timo Sillober (EnBW AG)