A strong voice for market, competition and innovation.
Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft e.V. (bne / Association of Energy Market Innovators) represents the interests of grid-independent energy suppliers and energy service companies in Germany. Unlike suppliers with a connected grid, our members are free of monopoly interests: They are committed to fair competition and a diverse energy market.

For turning the “Energy Transition” (Energiewende) into a success story, we need good ideas. Our member companies have plenty of those! Whether producers, suppliers or energy service providers, they are developing and implementing plentiful new and successful solutions for all areas of the energy sector. bne member companies provide electricity, natural gas and energy services to more than 7 Mio customers in Germany today.

We can’t afford inefficient structures.
Tomorrow's energy supply structure must be efficient and secure. For sure, this cannot be achieved by holding on to antiquated structures – we need new solutions now! In an effort to ensure the success of these solutions, bne is supporting sustainable and transparent processes in many different areas, i.e. in the area of supplier change, grids and the synchronisation of energy consumption and generation. In the end, this will benefit everyone: the environment, companies and consumers.

Before customers are able to consume electricity and gas, sales have to flow through more than 1,500 distribution grids in Germany. The infrastructure is humongous – and unfortunately anything but well organised. The growing number of small grid operators all make their own separate plans while the overall situation in the energy sector is rarely relevant for them. This huge amount of work needs to be reduced!  Energy transition does not need fragmentation, but rather calls for close links between renewable energy generation in the countryside and consumption in cities.

Survival of the fairest!
The energy market is highly competitive with many different suppliers competing with their products to win the favour of customers. That’s good news. After all, fair competition is necessary if the best solutions are to prevail – assuming of course, that everyone plays fairly. Suppliers must all have the same opportunities. bne is championing an energy market design that allows just that – a market that is free of discrimination and that has clear rules which everyone can rely on.

Fairness is the key to a successful market economy. Basic principles are clear rules and equal opportunities for all. We are advocating for these principles of success and demand them to be embraced by all energy market participants. After all, current market structures are anything but fair: Over and over again, integrated grid operators keep important information to themselves. They prefer their affiliated supply companies – because they still benefit from old exception rules and regulations.

We are committed to

  • fair conditions for all electricity and gas suppliers – allowing for real competition and enabling customers to easily choose the best offer for them.
  • a secure power generation market with competition open to new technology – allowing the best solutions for reducing carbon emissions to succeed.
  • new, digital and networked business models. The energy Internet is no longer just a vision. We are committed to ensuring that innovative ideas and offers for the energy world of tomorrow get a fair chance.
  • a modern and smart infrastructure. Energy grids in Germany are still severely fragmented with more than 1,600 operators for gas and electricity. This structure, the only one of its kind worldwide, is an obstacle to many new solutions in the energy sector. For years now, bne has been demanding a real division between grid and distribution on all levels.
  • a modern and flexible electricity market design. As the supply of renewable energy increases, there is a greater need for flexibility in order to balance generation and consumption and to guarantee electricity supply. This means creating a mix of flexible generation, load management, trading and storage. With our Decentralized Flexibility Market concept, distributed flexibility can be organised in a competitive manner and digitally networked.
  • a modern metering market. We are in favour of a clear-cut competitive approach that has its sights set on complete liberalisation of the metering sector. We need a framework that facilitates responsible and safe use of data and at the same time serves consumer interests.
  • standardised business processes. In the age of digitisation, sales teams still have to go a long way to collect reliable data, for instance, for delivery and handling. We are working hard in key areas to promote uniform data formats and standardised processes, so that stakeholders can focus on what they do best, i.e. attractive offers for consumers.
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